29 April 2009


This is not home
This carpet, this bed

This endless rumble of traffic

This blasting air-con

This bathroom

So I sit

Face the wall

And in awareness

Meet myself

Come home

The sun rises

And birds sing

[29 April 09]


Uku said...

Nice one!

Barry said...

One time several years ago I was traveling on business, pitching venture capitalists on a new idea. The pitches weren't going well and when we returned to the hotel in the late afternoon, my mind was totally freaked out - unstable, paranoid, all the usual stuff.

Then practice kicked in and I began noticing the room - the wall is beige, the carpet is brown, the bedspread is red, the cabinet is brown, etc. Really, I just returned home and, in so doing, all the anxiety and weirdness fell away.

Saved by practice, once again...

Puerhan said...

Thanks for your comments. And for your sharing Barry!

Alice said...

There's no home other than where you are...no coming, no going, no staying. But having said that, hope you go home soon!