09 April 2009


cold wind and
a spattering of rain
hit my face

mixing with
bitterness and nausea
loneliness and despair

honking cries drift in
as a pair of geese
pass by in the distance

the burden
of choosing
a solitary life

feels so cold and empty
searching for meaning
and for purpose

with candles
and gongs

and yet this subtle terror
doesn't lose it's grip
on my intestines

[28 March 09]


Barry said...

Our real work depend on anything outside of ourselves, does it? The incense and gongs can provide structure, as can the goose honks and grey clouds. But we're still left with ourselves - the greatest gift imaginable, for all its loneliness and terror, its beauty and wisdom.

Puerhan said...

Thanks Barry. Yes! Structure is important, as it can be the vessel to the other shore, but it is not the other shore!