24 December 2019

Keep us both safe

Your hands are soft
Your hands are cool
I feel my warmth
Moving over
To you

Your eyes are dark

Your eyes are shining
I feel my longing
Moving over
To you

Your pain is real

Your pain is present
I feel my heart
Moving over
To you

But my pain is there

Buried down below
I fear it erupting
Moving over
To you

My heart must withdraw

To keep us both safe
I must stop
Moving over
To you

[07 July 2019]

17 September 2019

Taken its place

7 days was once
Far too long apart

For the two of us

But love has gone
Cruelty taken its place

7 days is now
Fighting hard to get

For the two of them 

[16 September 2019]

14 September 2019


It’s lonely inside my head
When all my thoughts
Just want me dead

[14 September 2019]

20 July 2019


A pulse, a rhythm
Blood surging
Moving, still
A rising pulsing surging flow
The heart

A tingle, a charge
From fingertips
From toes
A field, a wave
A rising pulsing surging flow
The body

A space, a light
And wide
Touching, connected
A rising pulsing surging flow
The room

[06 July 2019]

14 July 2019


Sun setting
Waves crashing
A glimpse of blue sky

[14 July 2019]