20 April 2010

Rural dream

Sleeping and waking

Green fields sail by

Stone churches and bridges

Between trees, over streams

Tracks rumbling along below

In Spring-time

I could almost fall in love

With England from a train

[19 April 2010]

18 April 2010

Day 70

Bowls for breakfast
Plates for lunch

Bowls again for dinner

[17 April 2010]

17 April 2010

Day 69

Vows of love to create a future
As this I and this you
Slip in and out of presence

[16 April 2010]

16 April 2010

Day 68

Chilli pepper, ginger. Soy sauce, black beans
Zucchini slices, tofu. Fat udon noodles

Salty in my mouth. Warm in my belly

[15 April 2010]

15 April 2010

Day 67

Adding a few words to
Photos through a year

Illuminating the treasure of moments past

[14 April 2010]

14 April 2010

Day 66

Measuring time with love
A new month, a new nickname

Emails evoke a younger us

[13 April 2010]

13 April 2010

Day 65

Intimate with the road, the wind, the trees, the flowers, the birds
The blood coursing through this body

And the rock hard bicycle seat bruising my buttocks

[12 April 2010]

12 April 2010

Day 64

Sweeping the house
As the sun sets

Over cut grass and daffodils

[11 April 2010]

11 April 2010

Day 63

Cold relentless flowing power
Raw strength and presence
Water and body, intimate

[10 April 2010]

10 April 2010

Day 62

A good friend arrives
The evening disappears
In a free-flowing torrent of catching up

[09 April 2010]

09 April 2010

Day 61

Driving home under a blue sky
Brilliant streaming sunset

Yellow daffodils on the roadside

[08 April 2010]

08 April 2010

Day 60

Finish work late, tired
Switch off, lock up and step out

Under the stars, reawakening

[07 April 2010]

07 April 2010

Day 59

In bed lying on my stomach
I feel my innards and notice the patterns

In the wood-grain of the floor

[06 April 2010]

06 April 2010

Day 58

He carefully broke the muffin in two
"Does it look fair?" and gave me half

Such deep consideration, kindness and love!

[05 April 2010]

05 April 2010

Day 57

Three days, a flash of time
A glimpse of a young life accelerating by

With joy and energy - I'm grateful

[04 April 2010]

04 April 2010

Day 56

Father's big hands slice and chop
Son's small hands slice and chop

We eat the whole bowl of fruit salad

[03 April 2010]

03 April 2010

Day 55

This life, whole in this kitchen, this evening
Washing this, chopping this, sorting this, cooking this, eating this

Attending to an endless stream of - this

[02 April 2010]

02 April 2010

Day 54

Quiet focussed chopping
Noisy playing, building, singing

Reconnecting in our own time

[01 April 2010]

01 April 2010

Day 53

Not sleeping
Makes it hard to wake
While the world stirs outside

[31 March 2010]