29 February 2008


The moon aglow
with early morning light

as wisps of clouds

and birdsong drift

across the lightening sky

[27 Feb 2008]

26 February 2008

back home

early morning moon
over the fence tops

beyond the trees

reflecting the glow

of the rising sun

[25 Feb 2008]

20 February 2008

Market bound

We have so many prisoners
We take so many lives

I send you my blessing

And cry tears of anguish

Deep within my heart

But what can I say?

Knowing the ignorance

And the cruelty of humans

That is also my own

[12 Dec 2007]

Cannot be captured

The beauty
Of the evening

The hazy orange glow

City lights appear

Like a sunset over distant

Rolling curves of hills

And silhouettes of trees

Under the gleaming white pearl

Of the moon suspended

In the deep blue sky

Cannot be captured

By word or photograph

[19 Feb 2008]

17 February 2008

Sunday Morning

Blue sky above
Frost on the ground

The cat over the road

Just sitting in the sunny window

[17 Feb 2008]