24 June 2015

Write? v2

Words of things
Without sophistication
Pen to paper
Thoughts to words
No elaboration needed

Poetic quality might be subjective

Or might just be


[17 December 2012]

23 June 2015


The moss green t-shirt
Is a good sponge for sweat
I discover

As beads form and drip
From my forehead

I prostrate
One hundred and eight

[04 August 2012]

22 June 2015


I can't bring myself
to meditate

I don't want to face
the ragged, jagged

rough and messy thoughts

that tumble through
my skull

[13 July 2012]

19 June 2015

my eyes and his

Office clothes and
Hiking sandals
We walk out to the trees

A Mi Tuo Fo

Long grass and
Mown grass
Clippings thick underfoot

A Mi Tuo Fo

Mindful steps and
Gentle breaths
Warm baby in my arms

A Mi Tuo Fo

Waking up and
Being present
Through my eyes and his

A Mi Tuo Fo

[31 May 2012]

18 June 2015

Of where I live

From Italy
Reminds me
Of where I live

It ain't Aotearoa here

Are flip-flops
Reminds me
Of where I live

It ain't Aotearoa here

Are a type of cake
Reminds me
Of where I live

It ain't Aotearoa here

[14 April 2012]

17 June 2015


It's a rainy day
A cold day
Heavy clouds
Are in the sky

I wander round the house
In the early morning calm
Jandals clicking, hair a mess
Feeling slightly cold

Pining for my homeland
Aching for the land
Of jagged mountains, flat plains
And warm inviting sea

[14 April 2012]

16 June 2015

Write time

The time has come to
write write write

to send words
spinning and spinning
and dancing across the page

A pent up longing of
weeks weeks weeks

[? September 2012]

15 June 2015

No Motion

Three Four lines a day today
The pen moves across paper
But locked locked locked
Remains the heart

[19 February 2012]

13 June 2015

Morning train

It's a strange orange glow
The rolling LED sign emits
Reflected in the dull fluorescent boxes
Marching the length of the ceiling
Still brighter than the morning light outside

Green fields, trees and hedges roll by
Through drizzle splattered windows
Steamy smudges accumulate between panes
As the heating blows furiously
In the warm reek of the carriage

I feel tired

[21 June 2012]