28 June 2010


Foetal fecund
Jumbled together
Knocking and bumping

Tearing sounds
A flash of light
Then falling, falling

Deep down
In the dark cool
A quiver and a tremble

Nearby a sliding, slithering
A scrapping, scratching
Something passes by

Distant muted sounds
Warbling, gurgling
Chirping and buzzing

In the deep cool
A tiny touch of warmth
Penetrates to the core

Then cool smooth flowing
Pores open and receptive
Absorb minuscule droplets

Soft and damp, warming
Swelling, expanding, cracking
Vulnerable softness exposed

Slowly, gently easing
Threads chasing down
Then drinking deeply when found

Pushing, stretching up and up
Climbing towards the warmth
Journeying through the dark

Suddenly bursting through
Tiny spears of green
Dividing and unfolding wide

Greeting the world
Embracing the gentle breeze
And soaking up the sun

[30 June 2009]

10 June 2010

Should it be?





all words disappear
clouds from the sky

leaving the vast blue expanse

direct experience, deep awareness

the source of inspiration

the poet's experience

life itself

no poem

no poet

[30 June 2009]