26 October 2009


Make no effort to block the thoughts

Don't stop the river

Let the waters flow

Watch it all go by

As the sun rises down the garden

A pheasant climbs

The pile of wood

Just sits, with the morning

[10 October 2009]

15 October 2009


After the effort
Everything put down

Back in its place

Just doing

What needs to be done

The morning so still

The sky to the west tinged with pink

The world beginning to awaken

[09 October 2009]

10 October 2009

108 for Daido Roshi*

Going on, going on
His Dharma carried so many

Going on together

Leaving the raft behind

He has gone beyond

Bodhi Svaha!

[10 October 2009]

* Refers to chanting the Prajñāpāramitā Mantra in memorial of Daido Roshi.

08 October 2009

What about

What about this morning?
What about today?

The mind just simply won't settle!

It cannot find the way!

The money plant looks melancholy.

The sky above is grey.

[05 October 2009]

06 October 2009

Full of Stars

With the morning star

Out in the cold

Clear morning

Exercising this body

Sharpening this mind

A rooster calls the day break

The dark sky still full of stars

[24 September 2009]

05 October 2009

Thus gone

The owl's eerie hoot
Has no location

In the dark of the early morning

The rooster's rousing crow

Comes and goes

Untouched by the cold air

The cow's sonorous groan


Shakes the morning, then subsides

Thus come, t
hus gone

[19 September 2009]

03 October 2009

No trace

The candles burn bright
But the morning sun

Is weak and pale

The mist clings on

Soaking the garden

Obscuring the view

The neighbours pigeons

Appear from the mist

Disappear into the mist

Leaving no trace

[13 September 2009]

Dark Morning

Grey clouds part
A bright crescent moon

Revealed, luminous

The clouds return

Black crows scatter

And wheel across the sky

[14 September 2009]