29 November 2007

Foolish, later

A late night toilet trip
And I return to the zoo

Snores, grunts, groans, wheezes

Reverberate up and down the space

Beneath the Cosmic Buddha's smile

As I too smile and return to sleep

[25 Nov 2007]


Upstairs people
Toss and turn restless

As a loud snore

Fills the space

But I stand

At the window

Gazing outside

To the bright moon

And the Evening Star

With a foolish grin

And a heart full of joy

[24 Nov 2007]

No joke!

The moon is out again
As the clouds race by

It's bright light

Pierces right through

Direct to my eye

While the cold wind blows

As I pause in the cloister

To compose a short poem

[24 Nov 2007]

What Question?

An honoured monk suggests I
Might have an interesting

Question or two

But really what else

Is there to ask

Besides how to solve

The Great Matter

And this bothersome “I”?

[24 Nov 2007]

Evening walk

The bright moon
Accompanies me

Whispers to me

Softly, so peacefully

Then suddenly I see

A handful of stars

Sending a spark

Straight to my heart

As joy bubbles up

With a grin!

[23 Nov 2007]


Cutting squashes
My mind drifts

And I cut

Nanquan's cat* instead

Suddenly, awareness

Brings me back

Intimate with

Cutting squashes

[22 Nov 2007]

*Book of Serenity, Case 9: Nanquan Kills a Cat


Cutting pumpkins
Squashes actually

Scooping the seeds out

Revealing a heart shaped space

[22 Nov 2007]

19 November 2007

Under the stars

Shining points of light
Cutting through the night

Right into my heart

The joy of being awake

[15 Nov 2007]

The Abbey Bells

I light the altar candles
in the early morning gloom

And then the abbey bells

from a mile or two away

penetrate the room

Or do they ring within my mind?

As we practice awakening

Together, the bells and I

[31 Oct 2007]

Surrender (Awake 2)

And yet this morning
There is something so

Calm and refreshing

Tender and intimate

Relaxing and surrendering

To the touch and the feel

Of the crashing cold

Water on my face

[26 Oct 2007]


Standing in the shower cubicle,
I press the button.

A sudden torrent of cold water

Greets me,

Drenching me in shock!

Reassuring thoughts babble on;

That soon the water will be warm.

But they are powerless against

The sheer physicality of being awake,

In the shocking cold water

And then the warm water comes,

Bathing me, embracing me.

My body drinks it in,

With deep appreciation

And awareness


[01 Oct 2007]

6:15am Friday

A gentle pattering
As the breeze laps

At the poplar tree

On this dark Autumn morning

[28 Sep 2007]


I vow to delivery innumerable sentient beings

And yet

While there is an “I”

There will always be


[06 Sep 2007]


All things

To pass


[06 Sep 2007]


The days may pass slowly
Doing very little

But the years pass swiftly

Filled with events

Ages I once talked about

As distant as the planets

Now just around the corner

Awaiting my arrival

[02 Sep 2007]

A Silly Poem

Sunday morning
and the rain pours down

the patio starts to flood

and we add the numbers up

write the letters in a row

homework's all done!

Start to cook lunch

and my mind begins to wonder

what she's doing now

down the other end of there

far away from here

and yet also close somehow

Staring at her photos

for far too long last night

sharing broken languages

and insights into living

laughing at ourselves

as we both turn into pumpkins

This funny silly sparrow

landing in my life

via msn and skype

touching down upon my desktop

causing endless smiles

and not a little strife!

[18 Nov 2007]