28 February 2009

108 Poems #050

Robin in the garden
Splash of red

In the grey brown green

[28 February 09]

27 February 2009

108 Poems #049

Budding tendrils reach beyond the leaves
Up towards the circling birds

Free in the vast and spacious sky

[27 February 09]

108 Poems #048

Furrows of rich red soil
Seen through the gaps in the trees
By this morning's new eyes

[26 February 09]

26 February 2009

108 Poems #047

A young couple kiss
In the street light glare

Bicycles strewn on the ground

[25 February 09]

25 February 2009

108 Poems #046

Not one leaf stirs
In the calm stillness

Of a morning at ease

[24 February 09]

23 February 2009

108 Poems #045

Grey blue morning

Nothing special

A cool and gentle breeze

[23 February 09]

Reaching beauty

Great fingers of solid cloud
Reach out across the sky

Interlaced with
Cotton wool
And sunshine

[22 February 09]

108 Poems #044

Red and gold motorway lights
The great dragon of the night
Streaming and writhing southward

[22 February 2009]

22 February 2009


Incredible loneliness
Passing through life
In the company of others
And in the company of none

In the bright town centre
Pretty fragile creatures
Distract and tear at the heart

Questions of choices
Both made and kept
For freedom or fear?
Seemed so sure at the time

In the dark country lane
Shining stars beckon
Bringing the heart home

[21 February 09]

108 Poems #043

A little snow on distant hills
In my garden
Sunshine and snowdrops!

[21 February 09]

21 February 2009

108 Poems #042

Black feathers
Perfect stillness

In the midst of great speed

[20 February 09]

20 February 2009

108 Poems #041

Lambs bleating
Rain drumming

The fridge hums along

[19 February 09]

19 February 2009


In the darkness, and in the quiet
Almost too tired to lift the pen

I go through the motions

to see what


are left




[18 February 09]

18 February 2009

108 Poems #040

Tired and barely awake
Anxieties and worries

Disintegrate and flow on

[18 February 09]

17 February 2009

108 Poems #039

A cloud of black shapes
Rise and scatter across the sky

Beating, flapping, wheeling, gliding, croaking

[17 February 09]

Mountains Swim

The waters rise
For some

Aspirations rise

For some

Sorrows rise

For some

Opportunities rise

For some

Hardships rise

The mountains swim

The waters don't stop

[15 February 09]

In response to watching Up the Yangtze.

108 Poems #038

As the evening darkens
Letting go of fear and anger

The mind lightens

[16 February 09]

16 February 2009


The Heart of the Perfection
Of Great Wisdom

Reaches across




A life complete

Ashes in the ground

A death complete

Great vows, a great legacy

Yet while ashes are buried

The heart sorrows

[15 February 09]

108 Poems #037

Today. So much effort
But really, nothing special

Just this. Now.

[15 February 09]

15 February 2009


So many falling leaves
Even as Spring arrives

The life and death of humans

Follow their own cycles

And metacycles

Seemingly not bound

To the circumambulation

Of the earth around the sun

In the night sky

Shooting stars one after


In the morning
No trace of snow nor

[15 February 09]

108 Poems #036

A grey blanket of cloud

In the sky and in my mind

And yet life and beauty still emerge

[14 February 09]

13 February 2009

108 Poems #035

Enjoyable at the time
Last night's dinner
Haunts me this morning

[13 February 09]

Night Glow

a golden moon
climbs in the east

through layers of cloud

above the city lights

towards the stars

in the blackness

of the night sky above

[12 February 09]

12 February 2009

108 Poems #034

Anxieties, stress and worry
Boiling up, burning through

Leaving calm open spaciousness

[12 February 09]

11 February 2009

108 Poems #033

Strands of cloud decorate

The luminous golden moon

[11 February 09]

10 February 2009

108 Poems #032

Full moon and a female blackbird
Vanish without a trace

As the sun rises

[10 February 09]

09 February 2009

108 Poems #031

No inspiration, no thought
The landscape seems bleak

The day's tasks pressing

[09 February 09]

08 February 2009

108 Poems #030

Holding onto anxieties
Kindles flames of anger
Wanting to protect, the unprotectable

[08 February 09]

Walking home

This morning's footprints
Black icy puddles in the white snow
Walking home over the hills
In the cold moonlit night

[06 February 09]

108 Poems #029

Incense infused silence
Warm pools of candlelight

At one with the night

[07 February 09]

06 February 2009

108 Poems #028

Softly, softly, softly
Every flake counts

A deep blanket of white

[06 February 09]

A bowl

In the morning
A bowl of oats

In the evening

A bowl of rice

Fruit and seeds

With the oats

Vegetables and bean curd

With the rice

Such is the simplicity

I strive for in life

[01 September 08]

108 Poems #027

Without beginning, without ending

A Mi Tuo Fo, A Mi Tuo Fo*

Time flows, ever so gently, tenderly

[05 February 09]


05 February 2009

108 Poems #026

Footprints in the snow
Lead to the other shore

Gentle warmth, kindness and humour

[04 February 09]

03 February 2009

108 Poems #025

Sunshine sets alight
The snowy landscape
Grey clouds loom

[03 February 09]

Thinking of home

Cold dark morning, snow on the ground
For a brief moment, I wonder

How much of my life is about

Running away from the inevitable

Death of all those that I love?

[02 February 09]

02 February 2009

108 Poems #024

Impenetrable blanket of cloud
Grey, white
Snow on the ground

[02 February 09]

No effort


The moon

High in the west

Makes no comment

Makes no effort

Clouds pass by

Just sitting


[13 January 09]

108 Poems #023

Partial moon
Glimpsed through the clouds
Later the evening star

[01 February 09]