30 December 2010

To my son

There's a boy
Who whistles while he plays

And sings while he works

And fills my heart up with joy

And that boy is you!

[24 December 2010]

Given as a paper note tied to the Christmas tree

29 December 2010

To my wife

Whirling and spinning
Waist to waist

Hand in hand

A quick kiss

Faces full of smiles

As we dance together

To the music

Of our two hearts

Entwined with joy

[24 December 2010]

Given as a paper note tied to the Christmas tree

23 December 2010


Bare winter trees

Cast long tangled shadows

On glistening snow

Sparkles of light
like stars
Fallen to earth

[22 December 2010]

07 December 2010

Meditation Legs

One moment after


[19 November 2010]

06 December 2010


It's easy to write a pretty poem
A ditty poem, a poem for you to sing

It's harder to write a short poem

A taut poem, a poem empty of any thing

[12 September 2010]

04 December 2010

Looking out

Through the tangle of bare limbs
A crescent moon glows warmly

The morning star a cold bright twinkle

The still darkness

Three days tracks
Criss-cross the snow


[03 December 2010]

01 December 2010


No path to follow
No beaten track

To stick to

Or avoid

Footprints must be left

In freshly fallen snow

[30 November 2010]

27 November 2010

Black Stuff #Pikeriver

Our greed is so great
We plunder our own

Our sharp tools
Tunnel in her veins
Tear into mountains
Hacking and digging
Deep underground

Is there no limit to
what we ask our
brothers to do?
Our fathers and sons?
Husbands and lovers?

So we can burn the black stuff
Extracted from our

Coal mining is a
Weapon of mass destruction

[25 November 2010]

With deep sadness for the 29 miners lost in the Pike River Mine explosions and the many tens of thousands of miners killed each year in accidents, and with deep
condolences to the effected families and friends.

26 November 2010

29 Brothers #pikeriver

The pain of their passing
A violent shockwave in my heart
A pulling at my bones
My body still tied
To the mountains of home
29 brothers
Now ashes underground

[26 November 2010]

With deepest condolences to the families and friends of the 29 miners lost in the Pike River Mine explosions.

11 November 2010


Rain on the window
Writhing bamboo lost

In the dark morning sky

[11 November 2010]

10 November 2010

Before sunrise

After the stars
The vast sky cool

The tall bamboo still

[10 November 2010]

05 November 2010

After sitting

Dim grey brown Autumn morning
Kitchens glow warm yellow

Tall green bamboo sways

[05 November 2010]

11 October 2010

No Candles

The darkness grows deeper
As the incense glow dies

Morning not yet broken

[11 October 2010]

12 July 2010


Sweaty hot work
Clipping the hedge

Inviting the sky

Into our lounge

The smile of my wife

Clear in the evening light

[11 July 2010]

28 June 2010


Foetal fecund
Jumbled together
Knocking and bumping

Tearing sounds
A flash of light
Then falling, falling

Deep down
In the dark cool
A quiver and a tremble

Nearby a sliding, slithering
A scrapping, scratching
Something passes by

Distant muted sounds
Warbling, gurgling
Chirping and buzzing

In the deep cool
A tiny touch of warmth
Penetrates to the core

Then cool smooth flowing
Pores open and receptive
Absorb minuscule droplets

Soft and damp, warming
Swelling, expanding, cracking
Vulnerable softness exposed

Slowly, gently easing
Threads chasing down
Then drinking deeply when found

Pushing, stretching up and up
Climbing towards the warmth
Journeying through the dark

Suddenly bursting through
Tiny spears of green
Dividing and unfolding wide

Greeting the world
Embracing the gentle breeze
And soaking up the sun

[30 June 2009]

10 June 2010

Should it be?





all words disappear
clouds from the sky

leaving the vast blue expanse

direct experience, deep awareness

the source of inspiration

the poet's experience

life itself

no poem

no poet

[30 June 2009]

20 April 2010

Rural dream

Sleeping and waking

Green fields sail by

Stone churches and bridges

Between trees, over streams

Tracks rumbling along below

In Spring-time

I could almost fall in love

With England from a train

[19 April 2010]

18 April 2010

Day 70

Bowls for breakfast
Plates for lunch

Bowls again for dinner

[17 April 2010]

17 April 2010

Day 69

Vows of love to create a future
As this I and this you
Slip in and out of presence

[16 April 2010]

16 April 2010

Day 68

Chilli pepper, ginger. Soy sauce, black beans
Zucchini slices, tofu. Fat udon noodles

Salty in my mouth. Warm in my belly

[15 April 2010]

15 April 2010

Day 67

Adding a few words to
Photos through a year

Illuminating the treasure of moments past

[14 April 2010]

14 April 2010

Day 66

Measuring time with love
A new month, a new nickname

Emails evoke a younger us

[13 April 2010]

13 April 2010

Day 65

Intimate with the road, the wind, the trees, the flowers, the birds
The blood coursing through this body

And the rock hard bicycle seat bruising my buttocks

[12 April 2010]

12 April 2010

Day 64

Sweeping the house
As the sun sets

Over cut grass and daffodils

[11 April 2010]

11 April 2010

Day 63

Cold relentless flowing power
Raw strength and presence
Water and body, intimate

[10 April 2010]

10 April 2010

Day 62

A good friend arrives
The evening disappears
In a free-flowing torrent of catching up

[09 April 2010]

09 April 2010

Day 61

Driving home under a blue sky
Brilliant streaming sunset

Yellow daffodils on the roadside

[08 April 2010]

08 April 2010

Day 60

Finish work late, tired
Switch off, lock up and step out

Under the stars, reawakening

[07 April 2010]

07 April 2010

Day 59

In bed lying on my stomach
I feel my innards and notice the patterns

In the wood-grain of the floor

[06 April 2010]

06 April 2010

Day 58

He carefully broke the muffin in two
"Does it look fair?" and gave me half

Such deep consideration, kindness and love!

[05 April 2010]

05 April 2010

Day 57

Three days, a flash of time
A glimpse of a young life accelerating by

With joy and energy - I'm grateful

[04 April 2010]

04 April 2010

Day 56

Father's big hands slice and chop
Son's small hands slice and chop

We eat the whole bowl of fruit salad

[03 April 2010]

03 April 2010

Day 55

This life, whole in this kitchen, this evening
Washing this, chopping this, sorting this, cooking this, eating this

Attending to an endless stream of - this

[02 April 2010]

02 April 2010

Day 54

Quiet focussed chopping
Noisy playing, building, singing

Reconnecting in our own time

[01 April 2010]

01 April 2010

Day 53

Not sleeping
Makes it hard to wake
While the world stirs outside

[31 March 2010]

31 March 2010

Day 52

Lists and lists
During the day, during the evening
But no laundry

[30 March 2010]

30 March 2010

Day 51

Seeing you, hearing you
Thoughts drop away
Gratitude wells up

[29 March 2010]

29 March 2010

Day 50

Cold soil and damp grass
Every naked footfall
An intimate encounter with life

[28 March 2010]

28 March 2010

Day 49

Throat warm
A lingering taste of liquorice tea
Or is it just a memory?

[27 March 2010]

27 March 2010

Day 48

Smooth tiles, smooth feet
Now warm, now cool


[26 March 2010]

26 March 2010

Day 47

The wok gets filled and then emptied
Returns, scrubbed clean
To the original state

[25 March 2010]

25 March 2010

Day 46

Small and hard, pale green globules. Remain
Tangled in the branching skeleton. Left in the bowl
Juicy and sweet, dark red grapes. All gone

[24 March 2010]

24 March 2010

Day 45

Chewing rice, reading words
Aromas, textures, images
Mingle. Inside and out

[23 March 2010]

23 March 2010

Day 44

Peonies in pink
Peonies in red
Peonies all done, time for bed

[22 March 2010]

22 March 2010

Day 43

Springtime sun
The bee communes
With a dandelion flower

[21 March 2010]

21 March 2010

Day 42

Forget the plate
Draw perfect circles in the air

Let the spinning happen

[20 March 2010]

20 March 2010

Day 41

A blank mind
Hunched shoulders

My tea has gone cold

[19 March 2010]

19 March 2010

Day 40

In the dark sky beyond the street lights
A crescent moon lies horizontal
The wet ground glistens

[18 March 2010]

18 March 2010

Day 39

Hands in warm water

Paying attention, dishes get washed

[17 March 2010]

17 March 2010

Day 38

Seeing the parade of colours
I smile from the inside out

Warmed by tender thoughts of you

[16 March 2010]

16 March 2010

Day 37

The handwritten love of my parents
Over many pages, many letters, many years

All to a younger me

[15 March 2010]

Light Dusting

Driving to work
Low winter sun in my face

With a glance to the west

I see the light dusting of snow

On my beloved hills of Wales

Simple joys

For a short journey

[01 February 2008]

15 March 2010

Day 36

Chasing a lotus flower
With pen and mop and broom
Yet always, perfection just beyond reach

[14 March 2010]

14 March 2010

Day 35

You smile contains a spark
Sets my joy alight
Warms my heart the whole day long

[13 March 2010]

13 March 2010

Day 34

The cushion waits and the blankets too
Inviting stillness to be
Nothing more

[12 March 2010]

12 March 2010

Day 33

The meditation cushion remains untouched
Dishes get washed clean
Boxes emptied

[11 March 2010]

11 March 2010

Day 32

The pot goes round and round
Water chasing rice
Emptying the centre

[10 March 2010]

10 March 2010

Day 31 - Pineapple

Sitting spiky
Scaly scratchy skin

Shrouding such sweet succulence

[09 March 2010]

09 March 2010

Day 30

A cake for me
And a cake for you
In your absence, I'll eat two!

[08 March 2010]

07 March 2010

Day 29

Doing the things I do
But not what I don't
The breath continues

[07 March 2010]

Day 28

Missing you, in different ways
At different times, through the days
While we are, apart

[06 March 2010]

05 March 2010

Day 27

Snowdrops lost
In the glistening frost
Touched by the rising sun

[05 March 2010]

Day 26

Stepping outside
Under the Milky Way

[04 March 2010]

04 March 2010

Day 25

This body is everything
Chanting, sweating, prostrating
One Hundred and Eight

[03 March 2010]

02 March 2010

Day 24

Hazy round moon departing in the west
Reflecting warm golden light
Bright morning sun emerging in the east

[02 March 2010]

Day 23

The trouble, and the beauty
Of counting the breath
I begin to feel I'm getting somewhere

[01 March 2010]

01 March 2010

Day 22

Whispering down the telephone line
Joy and sadness
Siblings ever walking hand in hand

[28 February 2010]

27 February 2010

Day 21

I run
Leap over puddles, around people, across roads
But can't outrun the gentle rain

[27 February 2010]

Day 20

The body is still
But the mind is frantic

In a sea of competing anxieties

[26 February 2010]

25 February 2010

Day 19

Your teasing haunts me
Three love notes

Still to find

[25 February 10]

Day 18

In the darkness of the evening
In the gaps between thoughts
The bleating of lambs is heard

[24 February 2010]

24 February 2010

Day 17

Absorbed all day
But when the computer crashed

I noticed the snow
whirling and swirling down outside

[23 February 2010]

23 February 2010

Day 16

Falling into the mind current
The dark evening slips by

Taken swiftly by the rapids

[22 February 2010]

22 February 2010

Day 15

Sunshine dances
Across snow and ice

Inviting Spring to burst through

[21 February 2010]

20 February 2010

Day 14

Sleep beckons
But there's work to be done


[20 February 2010]

19 February 2010

Day 13

Great lumps of snow

Frozen on leaf and branch

[19 February 2010]

Day 12

Reaching for one phone
The other phone rings

And we're together again

[18 February 2010]

17 February 2010

Day 11

The grey morning
Emerges from the dark

To be greeted by the lambs

[17 February 2010]

Day 10

Recall the lambs in the field
The cool morning light

A day gone by

[16 February 2010]

16 February 2010

Day 09

I can't think of
A single thing to write

So I'll just sit here

[15 February 2010]

14 February 2010

Day 08

We waved across six thousand miles
I see snowdrops in the lawn

And think of you

[14 February 2010]

13 February 2010

Day 07

Dance! Dance! Dance!
My heart dances this morning

Overflowing with love for you!

[13 February 2010]

12 February 2010

Day 06

Black faced sheep
In the field next door

Friendly neighbours

[12 February 10]

11 February 2010

Day 05

Joyful intimacy
Not bound by geography

Lightens the morning

[11 February 2010]

10 February 2010

Day 04

Not sleeping
Thoughts of work

Prowl this dull mind

[10 February 10]

09 February 2010

Day 03

The boiler hums

Suddenly I'm hungry

[09 February 2010]

08 February 2010

Day 02

Breakfast for one
Wrenches the heart

Still there is eating

[08 February 2010]

Day 01

She's gone.
Her absence

Fills the space

[07 February 2010]

15 January 2010

Walking in white

A ghostly walk
Trees loom


In heavy mist

On yesterday's

Footprint trail


In wet snow

[14 Jan 2010]