24 December 2007

What reply?

In this unfractured universe
where can this

be found?

Why expend so much

energy looking for fractures

in this unfractured



[16 Dec 2007]

23 December 2007


Scrabbling for pen and paper
How can I put this into words?

This fullness, this joy!
This wonder, this beauty!

This overflowing of love
Arising as I gaze to the moon

Pausing on the old bridge
To reflect on the beauty & stillness

Within this bustling Hereford evening

[22 Dec 2007]


Crossing the Wye
in the early evening

suddenly falling

deeper and deeper

into the depths
of the moon

shining shining

rippling rippling

reflected in the running waters

under the vast arch

of deep blue sky

[22 Dec 2007]

17 December 2007


Grey mist in the morning
I can't find my beloved hills

Driving to work

[15 Oct 2007]

Greeting the morning

The stars overcome their shyness
And slowly emerge to greet me

From the dark morning sky

As my eyes adjust to the world outside

[11 Dec 2007]


The garden twinkles
in the dark morning

stars that fell in love

with the green earth

have come to play

to sing and dance

in the garden

with twinkling

smiles of joy!

[11 Dec 2007]

09 December 2007

A Pearl

The moon
A pearl

In the deep dark sky

Beckons me

[28 Aug 2007]

06 December 2007

Precious Gratitude

It used to be that I looked to the night sky
And only saw the moon so bright and round

Now that I have met you the night sky seems so different

No longer is the silent moon complete and all that I see

Instead I look to the night sky and seeing the moon

I look around for the stars that accompany it

For a solitary moon might be full of beauty

But together with the stars it is a dance joy and delight!

[05 Dec 2007]

02 December 2007

White bell tent

Night falls
as the woods fade

into the darkness and mist

And I retreat inside
the white bell tent
Warmth radiates
as the burning coals

give off a soft rosy glow

Joined by the light of
a single small flame
Fragrance wafts
as smoke gently curls

rising from the incense stick

Simply arranged beside
a small vase of flowers
Cries echo
as the night owls fly

on their way through the woods

And I sleep cosy and warm
in the white bell tent

[01 Dec 2007]

Precious Woods, Newcastle Emlyn, 03 Nov 2007

01 December 2007

Moments of the morning

Stretching limbs
A lively little sparrow

Joins me as it sits in the tree

For a moment

Glancing up

The bright half moon

Joins me as the clouds part

For a moment

Mind settling

A warm memory of you

Joins me as I sit with Buddha

For a moment

[01 Dec 2007]