29 April 2009


This is not home
This carpet, this bed

This endless rumble of traffic

This blasting air-con

This bathroom

So I sit

Face the wall

And in awareness

Meet myself

Come home

The sun rises

And birds sing

[29 April 09]

27 April 2009

108 Poems #108

Rain comes down softly, then hard, then soft again

A robin hops, pauses, turns tail

[27 April 09]

108 Poems #107

Later in the evening
It is the delicate hint

Of a glowing crescent moon

[26 April 09]

26 April 2009

108 Poems #106

Eyes shut and eyes open
Dream states come and dream states go

Who does this house belong to?

[25 April 09]

25 April 2009

108 Poems #105

Phone call after email after phone call
The day flows by


[24 April 09]

23 April 2009

108 Poems #104

Planting candles
In molten wax

An endless cycle of rebirth

[23 April 09]

108 Poems #103

Open window lets the evening, the sky and a buzzing insect in
Open nostrils let the breath in

And out

[22 April 09]

22 April 2009

108 Poems #102

Waking slowly, step by step
Eyes open to the net of reflections

Dewdrop world in the morning sun

[21 April 09]

21 April 2009

108 Poems #101

In the garden, I'm just a guest
Yesterday it belonged to a yellow tulip

Today, a magnificent pheasant

[20 April 09]

20 April 2009

108 Poems #100

Vast array of stars above
The warmth of you in my arms

Home again

[19 April 09]

19 April 2009

108 Poems #099

Separated parts of me

Reunited with joyous laughter

Beauty in the warm sunshine

[18 April 09]

18 April 2009

108 Poems #098

The crunch of ginger
Burns pungent in my mouth

Still, I search for a taste of honey

[17 April 09]

17 April 2009

108 Poems #097

Blocked snot hurts
Steaming myself, my throat hurts
And now I need to pee

[16 April 09]

16 April 2009

108 Poems #096

After the brief thunderstorm
The evening is tranquil and moist

A frantically flapping pigeon leaves no trace

[15 April 09]

15 April 2009

108 Poems #095

Sitting in the fading evening light
My nose empties, drip by salty drip

Forty minutes later, it is still full

[14 April 09]

14 April 2009

108 Poems #094

Five minutes given fully
I meet myself again
Outside, stars but no moon in sight

[13 April 09]

13 April 2009

108 Poems #093

Sparkling, glistening flow of drips
Slide from my nose and off my lips

Splash down onto my fingertips

[12 April 09]

12 April 2009

108 Poems #092

A faint, most delicate and mysterious caress
Penetrates the haze of my head cold

The fragrance of roses

[11 April 09]

10 April 2009

108 Poems #091

Thoughts of yesterday
Creep up as I contemplate

Withering daffodils

[10 April 09]

108 Poems #090

In the cool of the tender dark evening

My nose tickles, trickles, drips


[09 April 09]

09 April 2009

108 Poems #089

Candlelight leaves no trace
In the evening sun. Incense

No fragrance in the breeze

[08 April 09]


cold wind and
a spattering of rain
hit my face

mixing with
bitterness and nausea
loneliness and despair

honking cries drift in
as a pair of geese
pass by in the distance

the burden
of choosing
a solitary life

feels so cold and empty
searching for meaning
and for purpose

with candles
and gongs

and yet this subtle terror
doesn't lose it's grip
on my intestines

[28 March 09]

07 April 2009

108 Poems #088

Sitting sheep and
Glistening dew

Sunshine, bursting through

[07 April 09]

06 April 2009

108 Poems #087

Reflections, imperfections
Textures in the floor

Long shadows in the morning sun

[06 April 09]

05 April 2009

108 Poems #086

Rippling sunlight carried on a cool breeze
Dances through the curtains

Fills the room with light and air

[05 April 09]

108 Poems #085

In this space under tall trees
A cool breeze passes through

An ant meanders purposefully

[04 April 09]

03 April 2009

108 Poems #084

The world this morning
Stops at the hedge

Beyond, only mist

[03 April 09]

Don't know

The stream of thoughts, in swirling tangles
Settle down, to a gentle state of quiet
And in that space, comes realisation

I don't know

And all the times
I thought I did
Are all the times
I suffered so
Shutting out life
Shutting out people

And then a flood of sensations
Shock in the stomach, shaking shoulders
A throat full of sobs and gasps
As tears and snot stream down my face

My head hurts
My throat chokes
Making the four great vows
Flowing tears of regret
Gratitude and devotion

Waking up to my life

[02 April 09]

02 April 2009

108 Poems #083

Cooling candles creak
Circling crows croak

Calmly contemplating clouds

[02 April 09]

108 Poems #082

A sunny yellow daffodil
Gazing out the window

I forget the morning is grey

[01 April 09]

01 April 2009

The tone

Today's suffering is thinking
About the past

About the future


What is love?

In a self-judgemental

Tone of voice

[30 March 09]

108 Poems #081

Glistening cells

And sweet juice
Fibres caught between my teeth

[31 March 09]