31 January 2009

108 Poems #022

Loneliness greets me in the morning
Gentle and attentive

I let it be and breathe

[31 January 09]

30 January 2009

108 Poems #021

A wet grey morning
Yet its beauty gently sings

I gaze awhile in gratitude

[30 January 09]

108 Poems #020

Conversations go round and around
Inside my head

Traffic roars by outside

[29 January 09]

29 January 2009

Driving to work

Coming over a crest
Below Aconbury Hill

In the grey damp morning

A stream of golden sunshine

Illuminates Dinedor Hill

[26 January 09]

28 January 2009

108 Poems #019

A passing pheasant
Leaves no trace in the air
Despite its frantic wing beats

[28 January 09]

27 January 2009

108 Poems #018

Without stopping or starting

Night gradually becomes day

Darkness becomes light

[27 January 09]

26 January 2009

108 Poems #017

Garden and fields in green and brown
Under a mild grey sky
Soft colours of the morning

[26 January 09]

25 January 2009

108 Poems #016

From the darkness
A surprising anger reacts

To every small disturbance

[25 January 09]


The white and frosty landscape
drifts gently away into the thick mist

[14 January 09]


sometimes there's no need
to do anything

simply sit

simply smile

simple be


[15 January 09]


Standing in the conservatory
In the dark
Car headlights i
Patterns of ice
in the glass

[28 November 08]

Practising Being

Nothing more joyful
than practising being

at the end of a day


[16 November 08]


Finishing work in the dark
Driving home

Witnessed by the rising moon

Sleeping under the pale white glow

Rising to the luminous radiance

Practising awakening

Witnessed by the suspended moon

No need for anyone to point

[16 October 08]

24 January 2009

Being at home

Sit down
Sit still

In the calm of being

Listen to the hum and echo

Of reverberating


And let everything go


No need to hold a single thing

A single thought

Boundaries blur and flow

These hands and these legs

This chair and this desk

The tiles on the floor

All here


A silent orchestra

Perfectly so

[23 January 09]

108 Poems #015

On the pile of bricks
Just outside the window

A sparrow hops, hops, into the hedge

[24 January 09]

23 January 2009

108 Poems #014

Simple birdsong
A voice of beauty

Speaks to my tears

[23 January 09]

108 Poems #013

Seeing angry accusations and judgements
As ornaments to clear guidance and direction

I walk the path of gratitude and humility

[22 January 09]

22 January 2009


I unclench my fist

Feel cool air on my palm

And space between my fingers

What if I unclench my heart?

[21 January 09]

108 Poems #012

Angry thoughts and hurt feelings
dropped in sudden awareness

of just this

[21 January 09]

21 January 2009


The moon
At midnight

Illuminates the landscape

Brightening my heart

[11 November 08]

Nothing to Attain

Each movement

Intention is precisely action

Action is precisely intention

A slow walk

Wholeness of being


[11 November 08]

20 January 2009

108 Poems #011

Are three lines enough?
Or actually too many?


[20 January 09]


Tracing the origin
Of a patch of light

On the landing wall

Craning my neck

I discover the moon

Brightly tucked up

Into the top corner

Of the upstairs window

[11 October 08]

19 January 2009

108 Poems #010

After the rain and the thoughts
Clear and joyous birdsong
In the still dark morning

[19 January 09]

108 Poems #009

Thoughts fall away
Revealing a heart of gratitude
And a space of joy

[18 January 09]

17 January 2009

108 Poems #008

Starting the day slowly
Darkness, wind, rain

Give way to sunshine and blue sky

[17 January 09]

16 January 2009

108 Poems #007

Conversations, thoughts, ideas
Peeled away one by one

What is at the core?

[16 January 09]

108 Poems #006

Wondering if it's cold outside
I take the compost to the garden
Warm slippers await my return

[15 January 09]

15 January 2009


joyful insomnia
the kind of complete


of knowing where

i am

right now

[07 November 08]


The world turns
And the sun appears to rise

The sky lightens and day breaks

Morning practice flows

And clarity appears to arise

The mind opens and joy shines through

[29 October 08]


truly there is no knowing
the unimaginable depths

of joy

of gratitude

this precious human life can bring

[28 October 08]

108 Poems #005

Tumbling thoughts
Released one by one

With open palms

[14 January 09]

13 January 2009

108 Poems #004

Palms together
I pass the moon

High in the west window

[13 January 09]

12 January 2009

108 Poems #003

Rain in the early morning
Warmer than the frost

Birdsong as the darkness lingers on

[12 January 09]

11 January 2009

108 Poems #002

This morning as I sit
A little Buddha comes
To join me in the stillness

[11 January 09]

108 Poems #001

Starting where I am
Where else is there?
Coming home a deep joy

[10 January 09]

04 January 2009


frosty morning
streaming sunshine

sparkling ground

a robin in the bare tree

just sitting

[03 January 09]

Don't make hasty decisions

Dark chocolate
on an empty stomach

suddenly the bathroom calls

Or was it?

Who can know

the root cause of something?


I brush my teeth

[03 January 08]