03 April 2009

Don't know

The stream of thoughts, in swirling tangles
Settle down, to a gentle state of quiet
And in that space, comes realisation

I don't know

And all the times
I thought I did
Are all the times
I suffered so
Shutting out life
Shutting out people

And then a flood of sensations
Shock in the stomach, shaking shoulders
A throat full of sobs and gasps
As tears and snot stream down my face

My head hurts
My throat chokes
Making the four great vows
Flowing tears of regret
Gratitude and devotion

Waking up to my life

[02 April 09]

1 comment:

Barry said...

When the Emperor Wu challenged Bodhidharma with, "WHO ARE YOU?", the monk simply said "I don't know."

That's it!