02 May 2006

Looking back

What would you have to say
If I was you and you were me

About the way my life is

And how things seem to be?

The green

The greens

The many, many greens

The leaves

The stalks

The many, many blades

The soft

The gentle

The silken, silken touch

The jewels

The glistening

The shiny round drops

But you would miss my very being

The very aspect that separates me from you

For I am happy

To spread my roots

To stretch my leaves

As far and wide as I may reach

To grow when strong, and die when weak

To be crushed, to spring back up

To be chopped, to be cut

To be ripped clean out of the earth

I don’t need the dewy morning

To paint my tips with glistening jewels

To sparkle in the early morning sun

To catch the eye of a poet’s heart

I am happy for my position close to the earth

While it lasts, without need to cling

For from the earth I might seem to come, to you

And to the earth I might seem to return, to you

But from where I am

There is no I, there is no earth

These very things you like to call I and Earth

Are but one and the same

In fact I could say the same of you

But then again you wouldn’t see

For I have no words to give, to take

And that is the difference between you and me

[12 April 2006]

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