08 May 2006

30 Words for L

A bird
An Apple

A Buddha

In a box

A Cable

A Camera

By the apricot

A card

A Chinese

My Daddy

Likes to chop

A Lion

A Cushion

From the same family

It’s light

The Marker

There’s a Pencil

By the phone

A poem

Of a paua

And many rabbits too

A truck

A restart

Take shelter

From the speaker

A wallet

Wants to meditate

Kiwifruit style

Father Christmas hasn’t used

Deodorant in a while!

[29 April 2006]

1 comment:

PengLynds said...

24 words for E

grieving uncertain
focus on hope singing sure
reading blooms

relief waiting books
water newness examined
freedom receiving

thoughtful supporting
friendship open abundance
fruitful rest giving