31 August 2006


As the wind blew
And the chimes banged

It seemed the skeleton

Of my insecurity roamed

Through the night with

Ill intent denying me sleep

[29 December 05]

Inside out

Who hears the wind chimes?
Where do they resonate?

Banging on the window

Clonking on each other

Banging in my skull

Knocking at my eyeballs

[30 December 05]

A clearer mind

The sky seems stunning

The birds vibrant and joyous

The flowers bursting with colour and detail

The trees strong and beautiful

Maybe I don’t block the view so much


[29 May 06]

Moving on

My calendar illustrates the seasons

Today I take down Spring

Move Summer across my wall

And place Autumn by it’s side

Ablaze with burgundy fire

And moving into deeper, darker tones

A time of change is here once more

[28 August 2006]