27 November 2010

Black Stuff #Pikeriver

Our greed is so great
We plunder our own

Our sharp tools
Tunnel in her veins
Tear into mountains
Hacking and digging
Deep underground

Is there no limit to
what we ask our
brothers to do?
Our fathers and sons?
Husbands and lovers?

So we can burn the black stuff
Extracted from our

Coal mining is a
Weapon of mass destruction

[25 November 2010]

With deep sadness for the 29 miners lost in the Pike River Mine explosions and the many tens of thousands of miners killed each year in accidents, and with deep
condolences to the effected families and friends.

26 November 2010

29 Brothers #pikeriver

The pain of their passing
A violent shockwave in my heart
A pulling at my bones
My body still tied
To the mountains of home
29 brothers
Now ashes underground

[26 November 2010]

With deepest condolences to the families and friends of the 29 miners lost in the Pike River Mine explosions.

11 November 2010


Rain on the window
Writhing bamboo lost

In the dark morning sky

[11 November 2010]

10 November 2010

Before sunrise

After the stars
The vast sky cool

The tall bamboo still

[10 November 2010]

05 November 2010

After sitting

Dim grey brown Autumn morning
Kitchens glow warm yellow

Tall green bamboo sways

[05 November 2010]