12 March 2007


A day of sitting
Back in the old familiar place

Familiar faces, spaces

Memories and feelings

Things I thought

I’d left behind

Come back to visit

Arising in my mind

[25 Feb 2007]

Day Retreat

Sitting patiently
While the mind

Scampers and jumps about

Chasing thoughts and ideas

Until suddenly observed

It lets go of its quarry

And takes a moment’s



Sitting quietly

While the mind

Gently observes the senses

Sights, sounds, smells, sensations

Allowed to be

Just as they are

For a moment


[25 Feb 2007]

In the Morning

Black clouds
Blue sky

A rainbow over Wales

A dead fox on the road

Grey clouds

A sprinkling of birds taking flight

Sunshine streaming through

A hill glowing in the distance

A train slides through the landscape

[21 Feb 2007]