03 March 2008

Dark morning

Dark morning under the bright stars
A rustle of a breeze in the trees

Frost crunching underfoot

The sound as I relieve myself joins

The burble of the stream in the valley

[06 Jan 2008]

Missing her

The stars above
a sparkling net
of milky orbs
we could jump into
and be cushioned by
as we fell into
the heavens

[05 Jan 2008]

More sawdust!

Christmas lights
in the shed

for a toilet


what was left

by the person before

[05 Jan 2008]

Dark Woods

Black spiny silhouettes
Of naked trees in the winter night

Reaching up towards the glowing

Dome of milky stars above

[05 Jan 2008]

With the Stars

Following meditation
A message from afar

Asks me if am I home

I reply that I am not

And yet

Walking back to the tent

Under the milky milky

Stars of the night

Truly I am home

[05 Jan 2008]

In Wales

New Zealand
may be a place

but the milky way

takes me home

to my heart!

[05 Jan 2008]


Waterfalls and wet hills
Empty trees and full skies
Driving down the valley
To Throssel Hole Abbey

[19 Nov 2007]